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The Eco Select® Brand: Designating More Eco-friendly Equipment

The Eco Select® brand is the keystone of the Pentair Aquatic Systems® program to meet the dual objectives of a growing percentage of pool owners: save money and make more eco-friendly choices.

It all starts in our product development department. We have dedicated senior staff whose sole mission is to assure that new and re-engineered products are the most eco-friendly and operationally efficient on the market.

You’ll see the Eco Select brand associated with several existing products and systems that already meet these standards. These products save energy, save water, eliminate or reduce noise, or otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible equipment system. In every case, a product that earns the Eco Select brand is clearly our “greenest” and most efficient choice.

Guide to Eco Select® Products

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Pentair® pool pumps with ENERGY STAR® certification

Environment Friendly Swimming Pool and Spa Equipment from Pentair

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